Thursday, August 7, 2014

St. Louis

So, in the event anyone still checks this blog-- we have MOVED!  To St. Louis!  Yay!
It's kind of a long story, because we had just moved into our new home in Wayne.  Anyhow, we are here.

Ryan just celebrated her 2nd birthday.  As I reflect back to the day we found out she had a profound hearing loss, I remember thinking that it will be so great when she turns 2.  And, despite the frustration and heartbreak that first year brought us, and the intense therapy of speech and hearing therapy many hours a week during the 2nd year, we finally can say we made it.  And, yes, I sigh a sigh of relief.  And yet, I know that this is just the beginning of our journey with our daughter.

It's funny what a new city brings us.  It's funny how we start all over with teachers and students who don't mean to stare, but they do.  And you know what, while it's hard not to notice, I certainly do not feel the frustration and envy I used to feel.  I'm so proud of my girl.  We are so proud.  She is doing so well with talking and listening and learning.  She speaks in phrases, and I can typically make out what she is saying.  I think her favorite phrase right now, 'mommy i wanna go to ole mcdonalds'.  It is pretty funny, and pretty sweet.

Below is a video, I don't think I ever got around to posting.  It's Ryan's recap from her first year.
So glad I did this for both kids.

Signing out from STL.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Snow and Sick Days

Well-- it's the end of January, and I think I'm all snowed out.  Seriously.  And, it's just a tad cold here for a TX girl.  Sean still doesn't wear a jacket because he doesn't think it's cold here…he's nuts.

Ryan ended up getting sent home from school last week with nearly a 103 fever.  And low and behold, nothing is wrong.  We really don't know what happened there, but just glad it wasn't anything serious.  And thank goodness it wasn't her ears!!!

Anyway, speaking of ears, she's still quite the talker, thank you Melissa and Carol…her speech and listening therapists.  She probably speaks about as many words as her peers.  I would say though, that she's definitely still catching up in also her receptive language, as I don't think she always understands everything…but hey, we are getting there.  We are just again so thankful we were able to identify, and treat her situation as quickly as possible.

Lots of pics of Ryan below this time (and, probably as per usual).  Bryce is still enjoying his cape.

Walking around with her big doggie
(Not to be confused with her favorite 'Boo')

 Sick day at the doctor.  Her teachers love putting her hair in a ponytail now :)
She felt awful in these pics.  I could barely put her down for a pic without her whining.

 Another snow day.  We found a new hiding spot in our cabinet.  

She is a fan of the selfies lately too.

Friday, January 17, 2014

January Fun

Well, I was on the verge of going to sleep (yes, at 8pm on a Friday), but I thought I would take a minute and do a little posting here.

Let's see, this week, milestones for Ryan were few, but as always she continues to make progress.  I actually read on her report today that she 'pizza'…hmm…I think we have pizza at least twice a week at home, and the kids have it once a week at school…it's about time she said 'pizza'.  In general, Sean and I were just noticing the dynamics of the kids this week, and how Bryce who is the crazy three year old, cannot stop talking.  I mean he talks so much, that Ryan doesn't need to talk.  He tells me what Ryan is doing, why Ryan is laughing/crying, and what Ryan wants (well, more like what Bryce wants but that's another blog.)

Just thought I would post some highlights of another new outfit and a pic of me with her.

Just dressed for cuteness.  Note, the leg warmers. 

And to top it off…Bryce in his new cape.  and underwear.  He's THE HULK!

All in all, we are having fun and enjoying the chaotic-ness which is our lives (and probably yours too…)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to Work

Back to work.  Sigh.  Actually, I can't really complain.  I love my job; it's more of the getting up with an alarm, and going to bed at an exact time to ensure enough sleep, that I do not like.  And then trying to avoid any arguments about going to the potty in the morning, brushing our teeth, not wearing batman (again); or, for Ryan trying to avoid her hating her diaper change or trying to keep her still long enough not to squirm out of me trying to put on her shoes.  All that.  I do not like.  Oh, and I also loathe getting all their food ready the night before.  Seriously, what a chore.

But, the kids love 'school'.  They have a lot of friends and they always come home with something new they have learned for the day (well, at least Bryce does).  He's currently learning downward dog in yoga…hmmm, is that really 'learning'?  

Anyhow, thought I would include the pick of Ryan's new ride, her Minnie Mouse car!  A gift she was super excited that Santa brought.  Now Bryce and Ryan both have their own cars…you would think that would avoid any arguments over the cars…nope, unfortunately not.

Just being cute eating some dessert before bed…and, wearing batman. sigh.

Bryce on skiis.  I have more pics I'll post, but this is the first one.  It really was hilarious!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Holidays

The holidays were filled with many lasting memories and fun moments that led us into the start of a fantastic 2014.  Over the course of the last few weeks, since updating here, much has happened.

Let's start with Ryan's new words:  Otay (okay); Yet (yes); Dadda; Hi… there are probably more, but those are the ones that are said several times a day.  It is clear she understands language and most of our conversations.  When asked a 'yes/no' question, she'll respond with yes or no, whichever she prefers, which signals to us that she is definitely understanding language.

Next, Bryce… Mr. Superhero tried out skiing for the first time in Colorado…more pics to come on that…. he had a blast.  Besides acknowledging that stopping is overrated, he is a pro, and is getting really good at 'pizza'  (a wedge to stop) and 'french fries' (parallel legs to go).  His dream also came true when he received his police car from santa.  I think if he had just gotten that one gift he would have been just as happy as he is with the number of gifts santa, mom/dad, uncles/aunts, grammys/gramps all brought.

Some fun pics below:

Our favorite holiday shirts this year with our names on them:

 Bryce getting excited about his new police car when santa made his stop in Colorado!

Quality story time with gramps Krenz.

Being cute in the airport in our new comfy Juicy outfit and our new favorite stuffed animal, Boo.


 Kisses for Boo.

 Bryce, the serious superhero and our surprisingly look-alike Justin Bieber pose.

Just some new outfits to share with the world, and that cute face.

 Dadda time.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Weekend

As the snow days continue, (seriously?!?!), Bryce and daddy got out to make a snowman!  Thanks Grammy Gibbons for giving us, what is referred to as, 'The Snowman Kit'.  This is the first time we have used it since we received it a couple years ago.  And it's well worth it, just for the smile we get on Bryce's face every time we pull into the driveway.  Of note, Bryce was crying while trying to help daddy since his hands were so cold…and notice, he has sneakers on not boots.  Must be time to invest in some snow gear.  Sledding anyone?

And, Bryce has really started to include Ryan in his activities, and his little 3-year old, manipulative activities.  (That's another blog.)  Below, we got a kick out of them giving each other hugs.  So cute!

 And, just a side note for my CI friends...during most of this weekend for the first time, we had Ryan in her new Naida's.  They are definitely lighter than her Neptunes, but the biggest (annoying) factor which keeps us from using them more consistently is that there is no audible signal to let us parents know when the microphone is not on her head.  She's obviously is not old enough to put them on her head herself (I mean we are still working on holding and eating with a spoon!)….so, this fact keeps us from using them more often, and even keeps us from putting them on her for school.  Once she grows up a little more, we'll definitely have her in the lighter ones, but for now, we are primarily going to stick to our trusty Neptunes, which we have been very happy with.

Another exciting and fun fact is that our Early Intervention person, Carol, has got us all excited because they have an extra FM system they are going to loan the daycare.  This will enable the teachers to have an amplified voice for Ryan, which obviously makes it easier for her to hear…very exciting times these days….(Never thought I would get excited about a FM system!?!?)

One more crazy busy at work for me, and then we are all on vacation for nearly two weeks!  Yay!  Chill-ax time for mommy!  (And Daddy!)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Days

So, today is a snow day.  Sigh.  Oh the joy of being at home with the kids.  The two pics below depict what they think of the situation as well.  

Anyway, we had an adventure yesterday. Ryan had a 104.4 temperature!!!!  Yikes!  We made a trip to the pediatrician followed by a few phone calls to and from our ENT / Audiology department at the hospital.  Very long story short, they put her on Augmentin and got her all signed up for ear tube surgery next week.  Lucky her.

I will say, that if any (still) reads these posts, and lives around this area, send your kids to A.I. Dupont.  Especially if they need audiology or ENT care.  Those physicians are absolutely top notch.  I spoke with my two favorite Audiologists yesterday and also one of the doctor's Physicians Assistant.  They are all familiar with Ryan and wanted to ensure we were doing the best thing possible for her.

Anyhow, today was going to be a Ryan and mommy day, since Sean is out of town, but because of this crazy snow weather I'm playing the role of single mama today.  I seriously have all the respect in the world for all the stay at home moms.  I really do not know how you do this, and have the patience to do this everyday.
Also, we hope you all are having a great Christmas season… is Ryan in her Christmas sweater.  She moves so fast, I couldn't get a clear pic of her!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hear to Learn

Check out this link at the Huffington Post.  Susan is a mom to Lily, who wears cochlear implants.  What a great way to help our children listen to learn.  This should be happening in all classrooms.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

8 Years

Well, this week, we celebrated eight years of marriage.

That means we have known and been together for just over 10 years!  Time flies!  Sean got me some beautiful flowers.

Ryan is doing really great, she's still a chunk-er, and smelled the roses.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Video Upload from last post

This is the video I referenced from last time…